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hi, we are odaline!​

We are not another agency for you to manage, but your trusted advisors who understand the challenges of today’s marketing and advertising​. We build successful strategies based on audience-insights ​& real data​. We believe in the CONTENT STACK. It’s our DNA. It means that we don’t just deliver ​45s TVCs and cutdowns, but produce and manage a diverse array of content assets to fit each media channel perfectly​.

We help you build your brand through communications ​and advertising​. And we help you find the fitting media ​strategy for your message.​ But: We can’t do everything ourselves. Our ODALINE COLLECTIVE is built through ​our experience in the industry. ​We know the right people for the right tasks and we will manage them for you​.

02 WE DO



The most important person at the table is YOU. We are here to help you overcome the challenges that you currently face​. We are a lean squad, ready to boost and evaluate your brand and marketing system​.


We help you translate audience insights into brand, communications and advertising strategies​. Creating and distributing content that wins people in stories, feeds and wherever else they are,​ is our main goal​.


Not shooting ads, but creating real content with benefits for viewers. We build a content stack that fits each platform and comes in all formats​. Plus, it's not only digital, content travels through all media channels​.


We have worked for the big agency networks and know how to handle distribution. We don't think about our own best bet. It’s about the best possible placement of the ideal message​. There is no single source of truth, but media is way too often undervalued and underappreciated​.


Our Collective is built on our industry experience. We know the right people for the right tasks. Partners who do the job and will make sure that what we've set in our strategy will be delivered in high-class​. We will manage them for you with complete transparency​.


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